Master Your Health Data & Learn How to Share Medicial Decisions

Self Doctor (SelfDr) is a modern and customizable platform designed to empower people to be able to track, analyze and extend their own medical data. SelfDr is flexible enough to read any type of medical data , through analysis and trending intelligence. By building off of rich medical knowledge and machine learning, SelfDr uses graphs and trends to detect potential vital changes and provide instant medical alerts. Try now and join our many other happy customers!


Understand your medical report through automatic analysis and trending technologies

Dalez's SelfDr is the world’s first database for automatically analyzing medical reports from PDF/image files. SelfDr makes it easy to upload reports and helps users understand them with instant alerts.

Look at your medical data in a new light and gain deeper understandings of what it might actually mean

Share medical decisions with your physician by understanding potentially significant medical data trends and correlations.


Easy To Use

Upload medical reports in PDF/image/txt. SelfDr extracts key data for Database.

Smart Analytics

Will find velocity and correlation points of key data. Trend data with right paramaters for the past 5-year data.

Automatic Alerts

Will send emails for notification of vital changes. Machine Learning and medical knowledge decide alert level.

User Management

Use real name to register, with 3 other possible backup names.

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Experience a free trial with 6-page PDF/image to try our analysis, trending and alerting services.


Free Trail

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  • 6 Pages PDF/image 6 months
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  • 12 Pages PDF/image a year
  • Auto Email Alerts
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A La Carte

$ x /mo
  • x*12 Pages PDF/image a year
  • Auto Email Alerts
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